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Cyst or tumor on apisto

J. Holmes

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I’ve had this poor girl in quarantine for about two weeks now. I’m not seeing improvement :(. First week was 3 tbs of aquarium salt in 5gallon with half maracyn. 

week two: partial water change. Adjust salt to 5 tbs for 5 gallons. Other half of med packet added. 

Should I keep her in meds and keep waiting? Will she recover? 

first picture was when I noticed the growth. The others are her now. Sorry, she salt makes the water murky and hard to focus a picture.




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I can see something but with the cloudy water it's difficult to see what's going on possible cancerous or benign growth with what your describing there's not a lot treatment wise I could recommend you could do a course of maracyn2 active ingredient minocycline has anti-inflammatory properties and fast for a couple of days see if she improves if  you can try and get a better picture that will help with a diagnosis 

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On 2/14/2024 at 12:20 AM, J. Holmes said:

Tried to catch some clearer photos. 

Looking at the pictures I don't think treating with maracyn2 I recommended would have any effect in one of the pictures it looks like the mast is on one side if so it more likely to be a cancerous or benign growth treatment wise your opinion of limited if you think she suffering I would Humanely euthanize her with clove oil 



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