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Does one pea puffer create enough bio load to sustain a five gallon?

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On 2/12/2024 at 1:44 AM, TheDesktopAquarium said:

This question had me scratching my head, I had recently found out that my local aquarium store carries pea puffers, but I’ve heard many times that they should be kept alone, one is fine for a 5 gallon, but do they really create enough bio load to sustain a 5 gallon?

In wild pea puffers live in  large groups a group of six in a 20 gallon would be better long term if you add them all at the same time 

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Pea puffers are messy eaters and properly fed will more than sustain a 5 gallon. A 10 would be better due to how messy they eat.  
Their nutritional need are live foods. 

here is a thread and contained in this thread is another what to feed peas link.  I recommend reading prior to purchase.  

You can use the forum search feature to also find deworming threads on peas.  


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