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Hello Friends! 

I need some help with my 3 Peacock Gudgeons (1M, 2F, all juveniles) that I recently bought. 

These little guys are gorgeous but they are absolute terrorists in my 20g fully planted, fully cycled tank. They're picking on my male betta so bad he's hiding and they even pick on my Otocinclus catfish. Nobody is safe. I lovingly refer to them as my terrorist fish. 

I had to move them out of my 20g and into their own 10g. I'm surprised by their behavior because they're supposed to be "peaceful community fish". Now the 10g will only be for them. 

I wanted to put some cleaner fish with them, but they're so freaking mean that I don't think that I can put anyone in there. Anyone else have this experience? What should I do? Would Nerite snails or Shrimp be better? 

I feel like if they can't get along with Otocinclus, some of the most peaceful fish I've ever had the pleasure of parenting, they won't get along with anyone. 

Thoughts? Have you ever experienced aggressive behavior from your Peacocks? 

In case you're wondering about the parameters of the 20g:

Temp: 77 to 77.5 F; PH 7.4 - stable; Ammonia 0; Nitrites 0; Nitrates 0; GH 60ppm; KH 20ppm; TDS 381.


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I have no peacock gudgeon experience YET however it is a someday fish for me.

Things I’ve noticed over the years with many species  are that temperature plays a role in breeding and breeding definitely plays a role in aggression.  

You seem to be towards the upper end of their recommended temperature which should cause breeding behavior. This may be playing a role in their aggression level . 

I would love to see photos of your gudgeons. 

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