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Green fungus? Cure !!?


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Hello . I recently bought 20 skittles rcs from shrimprack aka sf aquatic but from amazon . I recently lost like 5 in less than a week and one is now having green fungus and I don't know how to cure this and if I can do a whole tank cure since I'm not sure how many are infected . The only person who may know anything seems to be Rachel  o leary. I have plants and don't want to kill them . 




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I found something at my work which is a pets store and we have pimafix , the google search says it cures fungal and since it's green fungus will this help cure it if ita not to late and or will it also help prevent the spread . I'm scared to try h202 if I tried other safe method first 



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I have never had to deal with the green shrimp fungus, but I would be highly skeptical of using Pimafix. Pimafix is just Bay Tree Oil. It can be used to treat *some* fungal and bacterial infections, but API makes no effort to identify which infections Pimafix is effective against. It is also considered a 'weak' antifungal. 

Anecdotally, I have seen many online posts indicating Pimafix had no effect on the green shrimp fungus. 

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