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Hey all, I know this year has been a whirlwind for shows and competitions. The IFGA is planning on having it's first show next year in SLC, UT and I am planning on filming as much of the process as I can. I am interesting to hearing what you all would like to see at an IFGA guppy show. 


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14 hours ago, RovingGinger said:

That's awesome! I would love to see some of the judging to understand the judge's POV on what they are looking for.

And there's another side of me that would fully welcome a remake of "Best in Show" for guppies, but hey. That might be a tall order.

I have seen betta and guppy judging in person and yes, it is pretty much 'Best in Show'. 🙂

Here are the betta judging standards (warning these can make your eyes bleed).


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15 hours ago, Jollypop4321 said:

I always enjoy the fish.   Lots of clear videos of the guppies and if possible what kind they are.   Any new info that might come out from speakers possibly?
it will be a joy to watch your video when posted




I will be sure to get as much footage as possible! thank you for letting me know what you want to see!

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