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Betta is not looking good. Hoping for miracle advise!

Corey Sharp

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Hey Everyone! 

I posted a few days back on the Facebook page but didn't get many answers and my Betta is still struggling. 

I noticed him severely bloated and lethargic a few days ago. I immediately checked water parameters and all was normal. I added aquarium salt (4 tablespoons to the 5.6 gallons of water). That night I also decided to start Maracyn. 

Since he has been doing great for 6+ months, his only tank mates are Snails and Cherry Shrimp, and the water parameters were normal, my best guess is he ate a baby snail or something and blocked him up. 

He has continued to swim and change depth so it doesnt appear to be swim bladder related. But he mostly lays there, either in his floating log, on the bottom, or in a plant. 

The first picture is from day one, how I found him. I didn't get a good look the night before, so possibly this has been going on longer than I caught it, but hes in my kitchen and ate like normal and was swimming around while my family had dinner. 

The 2nd image is from today. Today is day 5 of the Maracyn treatments. Tomorrow would be water change day per the instructions. 

On day one,

Ph was around 7

Nitrates 10

Nitrites 0

Ammonia 0

Gh 150

Kh 80

Since treating with Maracyn, it seems to have killed some of the beneficial bacteria. My current parameters are the same other than Nitrites are now registering so I'm also dosing Prime. 

I know the pineconing is a terrible sign and my optimism is very low. But my whole family loves this little guy so if you have any suggestions I'll try it. I have the med trio on hand (other than the fact im low on Maracyn now). 

Thanks everyone, in advance! This community is fantastic!

First Day



This is now. Notice the orange coming from his gills. That goes in and out as he breathes. 


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With the pineconing that can be caused by a number of things such as organ failure parasitic infection internal bacterial infection I would leave salt at that level will help reduce fluid buildup and do a course of metroplex in food feeding a small amount twice a day for upto 3 weeks  I would get holed of kanaplex it's a more broad spectrum antibiotic treatment it can be harmful to shrimp causes them to slow down i would remove the shrimp or quarantine your betta if your going use it @Corey Sharp


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