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Just getting started again

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Hello Co-op!

I've had tanks in the past, but it's been a while, and now I'm looking to re-enter the hobby.  I have this plan for a tank celebrate my hometown team, the Baltimore Orioles.  I have a picture of the stadium to hang above the tank (I'm looking at a 39 Gallon Bowfront), and then basing the tank with black sand substrate.  For fish, I'm looking now at 8 cories (likely Emerald or Panda), 6 or 8 tuxedo swords (focusing on their orange and black blend), and the focal point of 2 koi angels (Likely selects from Angels Plus to ensure orange and black blend.)  I'd love to get thoughts and opinions, and promise that once I finally get it up and going I'll document and get some pictures for you all!  Can't wait to get going in the community!  

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