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Just discovered our well has a high concentration of coliform. Been using this water to supply my aquarium for years.

Will coliform harm freshwater fish?

How can I eliminate it from my tank and not harm my fish?

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We have had something in our well that did not pass Child Services. Since we were doing foster care at the time, we had to fix it. What we ended up doing was taking a few cups of regular chlorox bleach and dosing the well. making sure to coat the casing on the way down. For fish you're going to need to use dechlorinator for a while afterwards.

As for fish health, no idea. but it could actually impact your health. Yeah, i know, it never affected ours either 😉 

I say just a couple of cups because i overdosed the bleach the first time. My wife woke up to take a shower and just started screaming, mostly at me. It was worse than a bad swimming pool smell. We were actually choking on the fumes. So, I let the outside hoses run for close to a day.

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