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Hi I’m Kristin in New Haven CT

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Good morning!   I was looking info about how to transition my tank to a new substrate and so happy that I stumbled onto this forum!  I so appreciate the intent to respect each other and also the long form messaging, the in-depth conversations and discussions I’ve seen are awesome! I have plants and shrimp and snakes and some smaller schooling fish.  This photo was taken when my tank was thriving, but I am having some issues so keeping my Filter going but trying to replace substrate and start new plants.  I found a great thread on that already so don’t need to discuss here.   Thanks for the great forum.  



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@KDB in CT, welcome!  May I ask why you want to change the substrate?  I started watching this fascinating video that has some interesting statements about depth of substrate - this does not answer your question but it is food for thought.  There is lots of video content, including that from Aquarium Coop, about types of substrate (active, inert, buffering, etc).  Do you know what type you are leaning toward?  Best, Andy



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