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My Fish Are Dying Off. HELP!!!

Calvin Allen

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55 gallon tank w/ Hang on back Filter with Biological and Mechanical media. Air Stone strip. Drift wood and stone along with fake plants. 

Water Parameters: Ammonia 0PPPM Nitrite 0PPM Nitrate 20PPM PH 8.2 TEMP 75F

I had 6 Angelfish now only have 2

4 Molly 2 male 2 female

Had 2 Rainbow Shark only have 1 now

1 common Pleco

And 2 fancy goldfish


My first angelfish died about 3 weeks ago for a reason I dont now which got me worried, a week later another angelfish died a few days after that i noticed that one of them was rubbing its self up against stuff in the tank so I did some research and found out that it could have been Flukes, I treated with API general cure immediately as directed and did the 25% water change, then two more died. But after I dosed the tank I noticed that my angles and one of my rainbow sharks were hang out at the top of the tank alot as if they were trying to get more oxygen. Which makes no sense being I have a hang on the back filter and a nice size air stone strip so their should be plenty of oxygen in the water. Also my water Parameters are perfect with 0 ammonia 0 nitrite and about 20ppm nitrates. 2 more angles and 1 of my rainbow sharks died today I check their corpse to see if I seen anything in the hills or on their body but seen nothing. None of my other fish seem to be at the top of the tank or showing any signs of sickness except my 2 remaining anglefish which are just at the surface of the water also my pleco which usually stays pretty calm and eating away algae, has been swimming up and down the glass alot. Please help. 











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good morning @Calvin Allen and sorry to hear what is happening.

Is the tank fairly new? Not seeing a lot of algae on the decor and the water looks slightly cloudy like you may be having a bacterial bloom.

Were the fish quarantined and or medicated when you first received them? Looking at the close up pictures I am not seeing any redness around the gills which I often see with gill flukes. (Doesn't mean the fish may not have them, just I don't see the signs I normally do).

With the issues you are seeing, and the rapid rate of mortality, I would typically do a large volume water change (~50%), dose with a dewormer and antibiotic (like paracleanse and EM Erythromycin) or salt if the former are not readily available to you. The follow the directions for the meds which would involve redosing and water changes.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your fishy friends.

(Also, once things are under control you may want to look into the requirements for the common pleco and the goldfish as they can outgrow a 55 gallon aquarium over time)

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Hi. I have a fairly new 30 gal set up. I am having close to the same issue keeping my fish alive. Water tests perfect every day. I bought an extra bio filter so now I have 2. Temp is 78-82.  Everything was great, clear tank, happy fish, then all of a sudden different ailments every other week. White patches, fin rot, scales coming off. I've treated with API Pimafix, API Melafix and salt. Did water changes. Ok for a week, then fish start dying. 2 mystery snails,  4 platties, had 4 gloweye tetras,  had 4 danoes, and a zebra loach. It's been set up for about 6 weeks and I've lost all together,  6 zebra danoes, 2 platties, & 5 redeye's. I dont get it. Most of the time I cant even find a corpse. Meanwhile, my beta in his little tank is thriving. Any advice would be appreciated.  Bout ready to give up. Thank you for your time. 

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