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African dwarf frog has cloudy eyes and is skinny

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I have had two African dwarf frogs for about a year and one has cloudy eyes. I got them when they were really young and from a really nice fish store. It was apparent after a month I had them one was noticeably smaller than the other. Today I looked and it looked like he had cloudy eyes and was really skinny. IMG_8725.jpeg.a7e07056dbbb21f605a7230928e4443a.jpegIMG_8724.jpeg.0c521b89963d12eaed9dbd2ddaa1fe6b.jpeg

He’s as active if not more than the other one and he eats when I feed them so I’m not sure why he’s just not gaining weight.IMG_8731.jpeg.19c2ef88501c86ff87ab504ea7029bca.jpeg IMG_8730.jpeg.028b9bc41eb7103c25c63549a1d29ad1.jpeg

This is what they’ve been eating. 


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What are your water parameters ammonia nitrite nitrate pH KH GH temperature am going to tag @Guppysnaili think they have African dwarf frogs for an opinion on what could be going on as i have very little experience with african dwarf frogs 

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I’m sorry your frogs are having an hard time. African dwarf frogs see by seeing movement. They can learn to eat commercial foods but if eyes are cloudy it cannot see well enough to eat the dry food.

Cloudy eyes is usually caused by a water quality issue and poor nutrition. those large gravel pieces allow a lot of food to fall through and grow a lot of bad bacteria.  

Find someone with LIVE white worms, tubifex worms, grindle worms, or blackworms to help him.  If you can’t try frozen bloodworms but they are not very nutritious. 

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