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Can tge Empire Sudgeon fish be kept with tropical fish?

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Ive a 40 breeder tank and im slowly getting it ready to put plants in it, then cycle for 1 month, then put fish in it. I want colorful fish weither they be cold or warm water fish.

I love the colors of cold coldwater fish.

However, i do not know not about which coldwater fish if i can put in with my freshwater fish. Man on google says no due to filtration and more reasons.

But is it wise for  me to get a few of the Empire Sudgeon fish or the Clown Killifish, or pradise, Enders Shiners  and put them in with my tropical fish?

Thank you for reading this and for your advice!


Chris Rougeux

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Hi there!

Thank you for you advive about the Bows!

Im just getting my tank ready for plants. Um tichibg to get fish in it but im having too much fimun deciding just comes in.

I love the colors of the Empire Gudgeon. But, i also love the colors of tge Bows as you call them.

They are my #2 pick. Followed by the Dwarf Honey Gourami, #3

Ive a 40 breeder that im also planning on keeping several neons, and danios.

I bought the 2" terracotta flower pots for the fry and/or smaller fish.

But, i was thinking of putting in 6 Bows & 6 Honey Dwarfs. Im probably am in left field and my choices. Perhaps iam but i havent had a 40 breeder with fish before. Turtles YES but fish, no.

Ive an OTP filter for 40-50 gal & im planning on putting in a foam submersible also 

With several plants, that should help cut down the toxin build up to some help.

If not, what would your suggesions be?

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All the fish you listed are beautiful. The best rainbow tank mates would be something that can get around quickly. They do really well with Denison barbs and Danios. Personally, I’ve never kept any of the other fish you listed, but none stick out to me very quick. Dwarf gourami’s prefer a bit more sedate tank mates. Again, either way you go, you can’t go wrong, they’re super cool fish. 

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