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Baby shrimp jar question and tips


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So I recently got like 20-30 baby cherry shrimp from a friend who had to get rid of his tank. I wanted to put them in my 10 gallon, however my dwarf gourami started going after them even through the bag while acclimating, so I began thinking of another way to keep them. As I have no space for another tank, nor a tank at my disposal right now I put them in this 0.5 gallon jar (biggest one I could find at home). I filled it with tank water and put in some plants (mostly java moss), as well as some substrate from my cycled tank and some bio media from my running filter. Now I know this is probably not ideal but I was wondering on how I can improve this jar. Getting a tank even a small one is not an option for me as there is no space. Should I try to get a bigger jar let's say 1-2 gallons? Is there a need for air stone? My plan right now is to not do many water changes as I understand they like their parameters stable and maybe run an air stone for some hours/day in order to provide air if needed. I would think of a solution what to do with them once they grow up (probably will put some in my tank and give the others away) but I would like to raise them in a jar. Any tips are welcome 🙂 






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I'd go out and buy a Aqueon Standard Open-Glass Aquarium Tank, 5.5 Gallon, (They cost 10 bucks at my local fish store). The 5 Gallon tanks are small and fit just about anywhere.



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