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Getting Bloodfin Tetras to Spawn


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Hello - I have some very gravid bloodfins, and the males are really starting to chase the females around - I'm guessing b/c they are ready to spawn. It's been this way at least a few weeks. 

I've read on the interwebs that these fish like to jump out of the water and lay their eggs over the top of the water, preferably on some floating plants. Is this true? Has anyone gotten their bloodfins to spawn? 

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I’m not sure about the leaping, but morning spawning activity triggered by water changes, (possibly also photoperiod lengthening), and ample live foods should yield good results.

If you really want to focus on breeding them, here is an idea:

Cut light diffuser to fit within your aquarium footprint inside the tank…


Zip tie plastic mesh used with needlework to one side facing up…


You can select many colors of mesh. The idea is that when they spawn, eggs fall through the mesh and are not eaten by the tetras.

After a few days spawning them, remove the adults and wait for it!

This technique is similar to breeding Brilliant Rasboras. My son bred them for BAP awhile back. It was absolutely magical watching the tiny fry emerge. Here’s an older thread…


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