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weird spots on cardinal tetra


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I'm having the same issue 

12 hours ago, MickS77 said:

Dermosporidia/Dermocystidium, not really a lot of information about it or known treatments. 

I'm having the same issue with my cardinal tetras--a weird assortment of bubbles that have a wormlike white squiggle in them. Seems like a cyst-forming parasite. I'm planning to treat mine with anti-parasite meds to see if it has any effect. 

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An article I read seemed to reinterate that there is no known cure, because it is a weird species of protist/fungi of some variety. They only recommended letting the tank 'fallow' with none of the affected species for at least several weeks before adding other fish of the same affected species back--it ended up killing most of my cardinal tetras over time. I could add more, but I've considered the tank essentially 'scuttled' for other cardinals--it doesn't seem to affect anything aside from cardinals, neons, and a few other closely related species, so the tank is basically fine otherwise. 

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