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Size of tank for two comet goldies

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I've got 4 common goldfish in a 55 gallon, and they just keep getting bigger.

On a side note, they love duck weed.  So, if you want to remove duckweed from a tank, a medium sized common (or comet) is a great idea.  🙂

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I keep wakin goldfish in an outdoor pond and they are roughly the same size as a comet. I would get whatever the largest you can afford/fit. They are large and very filthy fish. Honestly, they may be my faves, but the filtration has to be on point or you will be a slave to water changes. 55 gallon tanks are 12” wide and a comet can reach 12” in a little under 2 years. Water volume definitely matters because it can help keep things in order between water changes. The less water volume, the less stable. 

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I had mine in a 55g long for a couple years. She reached about 9” pretty quick. It takes them awhile to hit their 1st growth spurts in my experience. Eventually you will need a 125+ but you can gradually work your way up to that as the fish grow

They are messy but a canister filter is more than capable of keeping up. 

Just don’t keep any plants with them you like, because they are the cows of the underwater world. I lost a $100 anubias that was over 10 years old to her in a matter of months 🥹


along with duckweed they really like grazing on water lettuce and lily pads.

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