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Does anyone know what type of fish can go with a hairy puffer?

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Thanks @xXInkedPhoenixX. @anya some will say no never. I have been keeping hairys for years with eachother and some success using short finned fast midwater species , normally a livebearer, with them. I would view any fish with a hairy as hairy food at the discretion of the puffer.

That said, outside of a colony with just hairys, I have had some success with variatus platys,  limia vittata, and kidders livebearers in my puffer colony tanks (to include hairy puffers).

A fast short finned midwater species has been the most successful for me for longer durations. Fast and aware are equally important.  

A slower bottom dweller has never worked for me .... at all. I wouldnt personally attempt anything that is a bottom dweller with any pao species of puffer. 

Livebearers seem to figure out cover a bit better than other types of fish do here. After 14 days or so they know how to avoid the puffer pointy end in my tanks. 

I have kept hairys in 40 breeder and larger tanks for 7 years without any issues personally. I have had spawning many times and no injuries. That of course could change in the next 5 minutes; It is more up to the puffers than me if and when the dynamic changes and friend becomes food. 

With good plant cover and feeding foods on a schedule my hairys have generally decided it is not worth the extra effort to vigorously chase smarter livebearers for a meal when they know they are getting delivery. While they dont go out of their way to chase meals, they will eat those livebearers who occasionally get inside a puffer ambush.

Anything in my hairy puffer tanks that isnt a hairy puffer is eventually going to be food but the livebearers often live in a longer term self-sustaining colony with my puffers. 

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