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Goldfish Wasting Disease?


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I need a little help. I've had my fancy goldfish for a few years now. And it seems like they are all slowly getting sick. I've lost 2 this year. It seemed to start after I gave some blood worms to them 2 years ago.  One ranchu and one pearlscale started slightly tilting to the side and slightly bending their body. I did some research and figured it was swim bladder issues because nothing seemed was wrong. I did some deworming treatments with prazipro just in case. 

Since the too slowly became less active and still tilted and bent their bodies over the months. I try salt water, different deworming regimes, and general cure treatment over the month and still no change.  

Over this past year they started a losing more boyncy and would eat one or two pellets and become uninterested in food. All while still bending there tilting and bending. 

I decided about 3 months ago to deworm more aggressively with minimal improvements despite multiple treatments. One did not survive long after treatments and I euthanized the other yesterday. 

I'm worried because my other goldfish are showing the same symptoms. Tilting and bending, and interested in only a few bites of food. They are still able to swim normally luckily. 

Water parameters

Ammonia 0

Ph 8.4

Gh very hard 300ppm

Kh 180 ppm

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 0

Temp 72

125g tank, 3 adult anchu, 2 adult pearlscales, 2 baby Mutt goldfish (2inches). The mutt goldfish seem to the only ones unbothered by anything. 

I recently delt with Ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates spikes but got it under control. Could this be residual affects of that? 


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Swim bladder can be effected by high levels of nitrates fish over eating and the stomach putting pressure on the swim bladder or a bacterial infections or an injury what I would do is  fast for couple of days and treat with epsom salt baths 1 table spoon for 1 gallon for no more than 15 minutes for 5 days as epsom salt acts as  a muscle relaxant to help relieve pressure on the swim bladder then give an update if your seeing no improvement after 5 days @thegoldiehook

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