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does anyone know why my hairy pufferfish is always puffing up?

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On 1/24/2024 at 3:02 PM, DaveO said:

I think this question is best answered by @mountaintoppufferkeeper

Thanks for the heads up @DaveO best is arguable but ill give it a shot. 


To me it could be because the puffer wants to puff up to exercise etc, or as a reaction to something in or around the tank. There are some observations I have made with my hairy colonys and other puffer colonys on types of inflations.

In general My puffers will puff up more in a colony setup.  Often here puffing up is often just communication more than fright.

These are just well fed bellies not puffed up hairys



this is spawning inflation with the color change and "waggle"


Male courting female



This is more of an establishing dominance inflation  by young hairys


i can not find the stress inflation photo of a yound pao puffetlr that i have posted on the forum before. That one occured once with an F1 Pao palustris fry when reintroduced to their siblings afger a few weeks. Stress inflations, in my opinion, make the puffer look like a ball vs the others shown above that occur often in groups and here are fairly normal. 

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