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Feeding Otos Zucchini


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Hello Friends, 

I have two otocinclus' that are relatively new to my 20 gallon fish tank. I keep the tank glass fairly clean by growing natural plants, so I've been a bit concerned about them not having enough to eat. 

I've been reading everything and watching videos on YouTube to learn more. The concensus seems to be that zucchini is favorited by *most* otocinclus. What there hasn't been a consensus on is how to prepare the zucchini for the little guys. 

I blanched the slices, but I did not remove the skin or the seeds. Is there any reason why they can't eat zucchini skins and seeds or is that more of a preference for *some* otos/their keepers? I really just want to make sure I'm not feeding them something that could hurt them or make them sick. Any information or suggestions would be great! 

Side note - I had to put a second slice in there because my male betta has been laying on it and won't let the Otos eat any. I know they can be quite territorial, but is it normal for him to be drawn to the zucchini? He's even been pushing it around with his nose like a little puppy. 

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