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Quarantine Technique Question (Rainbowfish)


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Hello Everyone,

I currently have 2 plecos, some rainbowfish (boesemani), and some barbs in QT tank right now.  They got in with a little bit of some ammonia burn on the gills, but they have been given salt, botanicals, and water changes to clear up that damage.  They are behaving normally and seem healthy. 

What is the right move here with rainbowfish?  Do they need to be treated for anything in particular before I move them to the main display tank?

Many thanks.

Here's some photos. You can see the redness by the gills.







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What I have read that  rainbow fish seem to be very susceptible to microbacterium causing high mortality levels in fish farms and aquariums I would just quarantine and monitor for a minimum of 4 weeks and only treat if you see any symptoms 

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