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Banana Plant covered in film?

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I'm currently cycling a 10 gallon and the banana plant I have in there does not look great. It was shipped to me in below zero Temps and it sat in my 5 gallon for 2 days until I was able to get the 10 gallon set up. Currently it's covered in algae or biofilm and I don't know if that's a bad thing? It's hard to tell of I need to intervene, let nature take its course, or remove it from the tank all together. Any thoughts?20240122_115023.jpg.caa6485ccf9caef605f27ce2c1e9c153.jpg

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Looks like it's in the middle of a bacterial bloom. not harmful to your fish. you can siphon it off or pull it and clean it with some aquarium water. then figure out if it's alive or dead (soft tissue necrotic spots). if it's alive, go ahead and replant. First time i saw this, it was on a large piece of driftwood. and did freak me out as well.

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