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Hello from Aurora, CO! 👋🏼

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Hello, Friends! 

My name is Rosi (pronounced "Rosie") and I am living in Aurora, CO. I am new to the fish keeping hobby as of a couple of months ago, but my sister and I kept a ton of fish and would breed guppies as kids. - Really, they bred themselves, but we provided them with a nice habitat 😉

I'm currently only keeping a 20 gallon tank with one male Half-moon Betta, two Otocinclus', and two Nerite snails. I plan to add a small school of Neon Tetras in the future. 

My tank has several live plants and a large rock and piece of driftwood. 

Any advice you have for me as a newer hobbiest would be great. I'm here to learn and to provide my own experiences as I go. 

I'm originally from Rockford, IL so my fish and snails are named after Chicago Bears players. 🐻🧡💙

So nice to meet you all! 


(Please forgive the pink hue of my images. That's the whitest light my tank came with.)







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Welcome! Aurora is a great area. I lived just south in Parker for a while.

My advice would be to take all advice with a grain of salt. Most people online have their "thing" that they're into and then they know a lot less about other areas.

Also, find a local aquarium club. If you're getting more into the hobby a club is a great way to network, learn from others nearby, and find good deals or rare fish.

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