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Too early to add juvenile apisto to parents’ tank?


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Hey community !

Is it ok to move a 5 month yr old apisto female in with her parents in the display tank? I JUST rearranged their tank so im thinking this could be a good time? 👀 Their tank is 36x12x12  with a lot of plants and nooks/caves. Or should I continue to raise her bigger?

Thank u for any insight! Theres not a lot of this on the web :((





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I’m going to tag @anewbie because he has more experience with Apisto than I do.  

With a tank that large and as much structure as is in there I would think it is fine to add now.  I would add her as far from the mom’s territory as possible.  

I’ve had stray fry grow fairly large and even begin  maturing that hid in my parent tank successfully.  They did fine and learned to stay clear of the parents. 

That is based on only 1 of my 3 Apisto types are breeding so not a large sample indicator. 


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Apistogramma is a genus not a species and different species behave differently. Some are polygamous; some are pair forming; different species have different aggression level and domestic breeds have colouring issues; so some additional details would be helpful. I.e, adding a 2nd female to an aquarium with pair forming species isn't a great thing; she might survive and the male might be willing to breed with her but the other female will have a enhance level of aggression towards her.  For polygamous species she will probably find a nice hiding place; some species are quite docile and there is not so much aggression. 

The issue with domestic bred species is the ability to signal by colour change is frequently lost; this is esp true of macs where female look nearly identical to male. 

You do have a picture but i'm not great at identifying females though she looks a little similar a species i have she is different. 


btw a few more leaves would be helpful as my bitaeniata frequently hide under leaves when chased.


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