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Beat Up Angelfish, Then a Sick Endler Guppy!

Sunny Doan

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One of my angelfish got very beat up and is having trouble breathing. It has scar like wounds on one side, a clouded eye, and is laying on one side at the bottom of the tank. I removed it from the tank with all the angels and my kribensis so it could rest a little. However in the tank I just moved it to, my endler guppy has just started to act strangely. He's lethargic and resting in some plants. At times he would not move slowly falling down then struggle to swim. The tank that the angel and endler are in consist of 2 praecox rainbows, the endler guppy, and the beat up angel. Is there something wrong with my overall tanks? Or could the two fish possibly just be sick?

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