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Nerite Snail in low temp

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Afternoon all, I recently went away for the weekend and I dont leave my heating on, nor do I have a heated tank, however when I returned some of my nerite snails have appeared to die. Just wondering if low temps can do this? Or maybe theyre just hibernating??


apologies about the state of my tank glass


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I don't think a day or two in cooler water will kill them. Some folks do keep them in unheated tanks. Yes, they are known to stink when dead.  They can remain motionless for days, in and out of water.   If you are concerned, I would place the snails in a separate container for a few more days. You can float this container in the aquarium.  This would prevent contaminating the whole tank.    At the very least I would turn the upside down snail in your picture over.  They are known to have problems righting themselves.

If you find that the operculum (trap door) is open the snail is dead.  I can't tell in the picture.

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On 1/8/2024 at 10:24 AM, Seanwoodey said:

Also they dont seem to smell bad,

If I was a betting man, my money would be on it still being alive. You will know for sure if it’s dead. 

When I was new to the hobby I had a mystery snail that I wasn’t sure was alive or dead. I left it overnight. It was in the same position the following day. Upon opening the lid I could smell the ammonia in the 10 gallon tank. You’ll know. 

I recently added a few nerites to my Pea Puffer tank to help with algae as they eat most snails. Nerites so far have survived. One was upside down the other day, and I was sure the murder beans had done their work. However, I noticed the shell wasn’t empty. I flipped the little guy back over, and a few hours later the Nerite wasn’t in the same spot. It was alive, had just flopped over for whatever reason. 

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