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Will this work together?

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If I buy the upgraded sponge filter for a 10 gallon, can I use the nano usb air pump? Or do I need to buy the air pump that’s linked in the sponge filter description? Thanks!

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It is all about the liters/hour output. The lower the output the less likely it will work as a biological filtration and only an aeration. It is hard to determine specifics

Cory made interesting video 

 and ofcourse it depends on other things, the sponge density, depth of the tank....



Dont forget to wash the sponge in normal water 🙂 

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I have a usb pump hooked up to the air collar on a small sponge filter. Works great. While I don’t have the easy flow kit on it, there is plenty of air coming from the collar to create a flow if I wanted that. 

The only thing I will say is to just keep an eye on the usb pump. They’re notorious for dying. 

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