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Easy Flow Fits Waterbox Cube AIO


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Just got a the Easy flow kit for some sponge filters to play around with.  I noticed the bend nozzle tube diameter looked very close to the diameter of the waterbox 20 bulkhead fitting that attaches to the pump.  Removed fitting  and pump.  Lift Tube is perfect size.  Hooked it up to ACO battery air pump worked ok but a lot less flow then pump.  Got a more powerful air pump (30 l/min) out of the garage and hooked it up. Pump is loud (reason i dont use it) but the flow looks like more than what the 300g/hr electric pump can produce.  (i think because of the restriction in the bulkhead fitting)

What's nice about this system

cost 6 bucks for a pump,

no more shrimp in pump. If you keep shrimp in an AIO they will find a way into the back area

Less of a chance of overflow.  If you run an AIO for long enough i think most people end up with an ATO. The problem is as the filter material gets clog the water water level in the pump chamber drops which will trigger the ATO when you dont want it too. With an air lift pump the flow rate is dependent on head height so when the filter material clogs water drops then head increases and flow decreases. Will need to play around with ATO sensor height but promising. 


Have to get back to work but will post a video tomorrow    

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