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Tool, Equipment, Food organizers?

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I recently bought these for under my aquarium. It's sitting on what is technically a bench meant for a dining room table (which is over kill on the weight rating), so it has these support bars around the base that I have them resting on. They can stack three on top of each other under there and work really well for food, medicine, tools, etc. 




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Wide shelf Spice racks work great for food. 
I use these to hang all kinds of do dadsF07201B5-2600-4A1C-A928-84F62FB5230A.png.25a02361a9d062dc959dc71bc36a38e0.png


I also recently bought small wheeled 3 shelf carts to go between tanks and rooms. 

I have a few of these caddies alsoA5C182C6-2F7D-44A7-9AB4-4278955D96EA.png.690abf815bcd4273a7174427c99d641b.png



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On 1/4/2024 at 9:30 PM, lefty o said:

like on the wizard of oz, curtains or doors hide the magic. a cheap curtain in front of the mess, makes the mess go away.

That's kinda my system right now 🤣


On 1/4/2024 at 7:54 PM, jwcarlson said:

Isn't that what the lids are for?!?

And this! 

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