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The space I've been renting for the past few months is finally going away, so I have an immediate need to off load most of my tanks. I much rather give them to people I know will appreciate them and the fish within, so before I start taking them to a fish store id like to give any of you in the area a chance to take them. Everything attached to said tanks will be include at no cost, just need to pick them up.  Have x2 20Gs, x1 60G, all hardware will be included. An assortment of fish for adoption, including Celestial Ram, Bolivian Rams, bosemani rainbow fish, cherry barbs, bristlenose plecos, a few congo tetras, rummy nose tetras, Guppies, platys, a female apisto agasizzii, and 5 salt and pepper corys. NO CHARGE for anything, just want them to go to a good home. I'm in the San Diego area, if anyone is interested please let me know soon, i have limited time and will have to start taking the fish out soon.

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