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Ich or Sick?


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Our 20 gallon freshwater tank is about 2 months in and we reached full cycle. pH is currently 7.6, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are all at 0. We lost 2 mollies during cycle and then once cycle completed we added 2 guppies who died about a week in. Now we lost 2 more mollies and our platy may have Ich. I see white spots, but none of the other fish that died had these. The platy is part of our original crew and he was constantly chasing the female platy and other mollies and guppies. 

is this Ich and is it possible the other fish died from it but never showed signs?


platy with spots

molly with no spots (deceased)



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On 12/30/2023 at 6:44 PM, DadFish said:

Thanks. In your experience does the Ich-X salvage the tank or could I have a decent chance where I will need to start fresh?

Ick X shouldn't harm your benefial bacterial a little more information would be helpful what your temperature pH KH and GH as low KH and GH can cause health issues in liverbears 

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