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Vallisneria is amazing!


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So after checking out for ideas on how to redo my tank, I came up with Cory's video on vallisneria and how no matter what, a vallisneria wall will always look amazing. So here's my final result! I'm pretty happy with it. What do you think? Anything else you would add? Do you think the Mayan ornament is too much? Personally I love it and the contrast it creates but lemme hear opinions!

Cant wait until my vals grows to the top! It is a pretty undemanding plant right? Low light and weekly fertilizing should be enough? Also got root tabs.


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I got it from a local fish store over here (am in Mexico lol). It was $10. 

Water fluctuates between 75F and 79F! Got an external thermostat that manages that.

BTW if you want one I can go check if they still got any and I could send it to you!

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