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Largest fish you have.

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I have a 16 inch (estimated) clown knife. I got it at 4 inches and it grew about an inch a month for the first 10 months, and then two inches in the following year. He graduated from a 1.5 inch pvc y fitting to a 4 inch fitting. This is Jaws from last May,


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bubbles is my alligator gar that that lives in a 800 gallon pool pond for in my pet room. He is as of last measurement 32 inches and has grown sense then so my guess is he is about 3 feet. He is a little on the small side for a gar I suspect he might have a little stunting(from when I had him in high school) and is a male. I don't feed him to make him a monster so he will probably max out at around 4-5 feet. I have had him for almost 10 years. The picture of him in the green tub is an old one from about 5 years ago but I used the same tub to move him last and he was just big enough to touch both sides. The other pictures are also from longer then 5 years ago. I need to get some new photos of him lol






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On 11/20/2020 at 6:35 AM, Fonske said:

This plump specimen, about 6 inches. 


Oh my God that fish is gorgeous! Did you by chance get it online? If so I'd love to know the seller. I'm hoping it get a single goldfish for my 27 hex, and that (oranda?) is just the sort of fish I'm hoping to get my hands on.


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9 hours ago, Augustjd27 said:

Oh my God that fish is gorgeous! Did you by chance get it online?

It is actually changing colors, the lovely black trimmings are disappearing into white. Oh well, still pretty enough.

Sorry I can't help you with getting one, I bought it in a local pet market. Lots of goldfish here in China. 

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