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Buying angelfish online


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I haven't bought angels, but I have had decent luck with AquaHuna.  Though my shipment last week was shrimp that took six days to arrive.  Probably holiday related.  But I don't think angels would have survived that.

Now, if you live in Florida maybe it's less of an issue.  I'm in the north so it's cold.

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I've had awesome luck with Aqua Huna. I'm 5 or 6 orders in and have never had DOAs. I live in the middle of actual nowhere, so they take about 4 days to get to me, but the shipments are always very well packaged and the fish come healthy and good quality.

Just remember that, like always, you should quarantine regardless of source. 

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On 12/23/2023 at 7:58 PM, ewanamaker14 said:

Those that have good experience with buying Angelfish, and other fish online, where do you go? My local fish store, the only one we have, is not good. Fish floating dead in the tanks. And I really don't want to buy any from Petsmart or Petco. I also don't have any near me. 


Welcome to the forum @ewanamaker14

Per community guidelines <- read here

  • Links to competitors are prohibited. Amazon.com, Ebay.com, Aquabid.com, and Aquahuna.com are approved.

Good luck on your search. 

The best place to look is local clubs for hobbyist raised fish. Many areas have active fish communities on the band app.  

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I've had good luck buying angles on line; there is a seller on ebay i like a lot (something guppy - https://www.ebay.com/usr/whataguppy_7 - his black angels are a bit inbred and generally i've had better luck with his marbles and platinums - that is not to duce the black - all domestic angels are heavily inbred); what i do is buy 8 or 12 from him - grow them out - pick a couple i like the best and give the rest to the fish-store. I've also used aquahuna (they were fine nothing wrong with them nothing special) and got a fantastic marble from wetspot. The first picture is male from wetspot the 2nd is a female from whataguppy:



In my opinion they look a lot nicer in person as the picture makes them look kind of flat; they have a lot details in their fins. Of course what you actually get is a random luck of the draw. That female the silver portion is almost metalic when she turns in the light. The three i got from aquahuna (also marbles) are pretty nice. For some reason i started buying more marbles since they are sort of like lottery you never know what pattern they will get until they grow up. One of these days i'll get a clown double black but not today. I have some from another place called finteresting aquatics. These are bred to have stronger pinoy gene (more blue shim). They aren't adults yet so verdict is still out but he breeds 3 of  4 lines with different finnage and black pattern (clown, 1/2 clown, ...). The clown gene is the one that control stripes so in theory a double black clown will have no stripes underneath.


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