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Gill health - Black skirted Tetra

Milliardo Peacecraft

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I was wondering if anyone knows what might be up with one of my black skirted tetras.  Tonight I noticed that his right gill appears to be quite red and a bit swelled up.  He's ate quite well tonight and seems rather hyper, but he does seem to want to rub that gill on things in the aquarium, like he'll bolt into the Java Fern, rock onto his side and slide that gill along the leaf.  Hopefully the pictures show it well enough.  If they don't I'll get my real SLR camera out get a better shot tomorrow.  The red is more distinct and the gill seems swelled out slightly that my phone just can't do reality justice.  Any suggestions as to what may help.  My water parameters are below.

75 gallon aquarium, Nitrate: 10 ppm, Nitrite: 0 ppm, GH: 150-300, KH: 180-300, chlorine: 0 ppm, pH 8.4 (I ran out of pH down last night, need to buy more).  Typically I try to run 7.5 to 8.0 pH.






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If it's possible that you just haven't noticed before, it could be genetic.  Short gill plates are an issue in certain species, though I'm sure it happens outside of those as well.  Ammonia as noted above can cause an issue like inflammation.  But I think ammonia during growth can cause lasting effects as well.

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