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Plexiglass vs glass aquarium


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I will eventually start  a new aquarium - 60 inches long, 18 inches wide, 24 inches high (water volume is 112 gallons).  I have read varying opinions about glass vs. plexiglass on the internet.  Plexiglass is obviously lighter.  I understand plexiglass is easier to scratch.  I would appreciate your thoughts about  how it is to live for years with a glass vs. plexiglass tank in terms of visual clarity, distortion, or anything else you think is important.  Thanks in advance!

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Acrylic is unlikely to leak, since the edges are literally melted together with chemical bonding. That's kind of a huge advantage. The biggest downside to me is that you have supporting acrylic on top leaving a smaller hole to get into the tank, you will have to lean over to get in, and that can get to be a problem reaching the bottom depending on tank size.  There are usually precut holes for filtration, etc, that may limit your product choices. For instance the slot for a HOB may not be as wide as you want. Also, the top tends to bow over time.  Stand also needs to support the entire bottom, rimmed glass need sit only on the rim.  Rimless also needs support.  If you like curves on your tank edges, it's easier to find. I don't really like the distortion it provides.  Speaking of which, I think there is a higher refraction to acrylic. I've never seen scratching be as big a deal, what scratches exist aren't terribly noticeable with water unless you're looking for it. Also, just be careful in not using items that will scratch.

Glass people start to worry about the silicon after 10 years. Earlier if it's moved around. I've noticed the glass is also a lot thinner than when I started fishkeeping.  Don't really seem to have much to say about glass.

That said, I've had both, and I like both. Whichever you get you'll be happy with. 


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