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Fish tb


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Hey everyone, happy holidays.

i have a bosmani rainbow I put in quarantine.

i think it’s just bacterial and or fungus infection. But I just watched a Bentley pascoe talk and I heard him mention fish TB and now I’m sketched out.


can anyone help me identify what’s going on with this fish


thank you all




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That, to me, looks like a bacterial infection. Kanaplex is generally my first go-to for bacterial infection, though Maracyn or Maracyn 2 would be an option. If that patch appears fuzzy (which it doesn't to my eyes), then you can use something like Ick-X to treat fungal infections. I really like API Fungus Cure, but I don't believe it's available anymore.

Salt could also be good to add regardless.

It does not appear to have signs of TB, which can include wasting/thinning, spinal arch, and often odd swimming behavior.

Colu is our resident "doc", so I am sure he will chime in. It may also be helpful to post water parameters.


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@Cmullins Heres an article about mycobacterium.  This is the common disease for rainbowfish unfortunately.  I will also attach Bentley's talk which does have a segment covering the disease.  It does appear visually to be this.


At about 32 minutes he discusses Myco


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Chiming back in. Little fella is looking better.

he did end of having these weird white dot things on him so I did a round of ParaCleanse.

did a water change this morning added a bit more salt his sides are healing nice and he is eating. 

Going to continue to monitor and I’ll chime back in another week.

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