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Hello, Friends!
Just your Weird Old Uncle Kenny here.  I was an avid aquarist for almost 3 decades, but that was back in the 1970s, '80s and '90s, when I was a much younger lad!  I'm retired and disabled with heart issues now, but this year I got back into it as a source of relaxation, and to relieve the boredom of living alone.  It started slowly, rather strangely, and it's a long story I will likely get around to telling, eventually, cuz there's some educational, as well as entertainment value.  But this is just the introduction, so, gonna keep it pretty short and sweet.  Started with a 10 gallon tank, betta, a few guppies, and a few kuhli loaches.  Now I have (2) 5.5  gallon, (3) 10, a 40 breeder, a 30 show, plus a 29 tall which is just waiting for its stand to arrive on Friday, and I'm picking up the 75 gallon tank that goes on top of it, tomorrow.  I currently have plans for a total of 12 tanks plus a 100 gallon "pond" coffee table, all in the front room of my 1 bedroom apartment!  My main thing is breeding guppies, which I NEVER would have guessed would bring me so much joy, but it sure has!  Aquarium Co-op, and especially Cory's videos, were and still are a major source of my inspiration.
While lifting a bucket full of water has become rather difficult for me, the rest of aquarium care knowledge, information availability, and products has VASTLY improved over the years.  While I was very successful with many challenging and exotic "fin-babies" back in the day, the stuff and methods of care I swore by back then are just so-so (or less) compared to what's available today.  Oh, but it certainly does cost a whole lot more now for fishies!  Anywho, I can't wait to read your stories and tell some of my own!
Fishy Holidays!!

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Hi, Natalie!

That is awesome that you've found this community as a beginner, I'm envious!  

Oh yes, the coffee table project is probably going to be the final piece of the fish room plans, the big grand finale.  I'm really looking forward to it!  I'm estimating this summer-ish, but reality is probably more like a year from now.  That is OK by me, because every moment of doing it and dreaming about what's next has been a real delight.  The coffee table idea was Totally inspired by Cory and Dean's DIY pond videos!

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