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Adding more tetras after NTD?


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On 12/3/2023 at 2:19 AM, mrPickles said:

I added some neons and lost all but one to NTD in my community tank. This was 3 weeks ago. The one remaining tetra is healthy and happy now, but he's all alone. Can I add more, or will the disease just spread again because of the one remaining?

Neon tetra disease can lay dormant for long periods of time it's only when periods of stress caused by poor water quality bullying poor diet they start showing symptoms and usually die within 7 to 14 days from the onset of symptoms can't be cured and there's no treatments currently available it's caused by infected fish dieing in the tank and being eaten causing your fish to ingest to many pleistophora for there immune system to handle it's highly infectious it can infect angelfish danios barbs guppies goldfish other species of tetras any fish showing symptoms should be and humanely euthanize with clove oil to prevent them from dieing in the tank and being eaten I wouldn't add any  fish to this tank I would wait till the last fish has died and remove any substrate plants and hardscrape and equipment form the tank sterilise everything  with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution or Ethel alcohol and leave it completely empty for a month with no water then refill it add  hydrogen peroxide to the water and leave the filter running after 24hr it Will break down into oxygen and H20 then I would leave it at least another month before adding any new fish 

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