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Any 20 long dwarf cichlid tank suggestions?


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I found a 20 long for sale used and couldn't pass up on it. I've wanted to get one for a while.

I'm thinking of doing some kind of dwarf cichlid preferably something where I could keep more than just one pair.

We have a handful of coconut huts that we've made. My son often asks to buy coconuts when we see them in the store specifically because he like making the huts.

Some options that I can think of are

1) Shell dwellers (multies)

2) Pelvicachromis Pulcher (or a similar Krib)

3) Apistogramma species of some kind

Are there any other options that would work well? What has your experience been with a similar setup?

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I know tons that I want but most dwarf cichlids in that space that I would want are a pair only for that size. I use 20 longs for Apisto trios. Most Apisto are harem not pair. That makes it really fun. 

My dwarf cichlids are in my signature. I also keep Laetacara curviceps but I have not journaled them. 

My German blue rams may do ok with 2 pair in a 20 long. They eat the eggs so it would limit breeding aggression. I also just started with Bolivian rams but cannot yet say how they would do with multiple couples in a 20long. 

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