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Dawn's Mystery Fry Journal


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Here are pics of the babies that I discovered in my tank on Saturday, July 18.  I had just set up the tank on 7/15.  In order to get things moving, I added the sponge filter from 1 tank and some hornwort from my 45 gallon.  That 45 gallon houses 5 Zebra Danio, 6 Leopard Danio, and 5 Turquoise Rainbow (2 male, 3 female).  I was finally able to get some better pics to show size.  I predict there could be 30 - 40 fry currently inhabiting this 29 gallon tank.  I also added 2 mystery snails as a cleanup crew after feeding these little ones.

Prior to discovering the little fry, I had added 2 new pieces of mopani (sp?) wood.  So the water is a bit dark due to tannins.

This will be my journey into discovering what type of fish these may be...are they danios (they're pretty dang small) or are they Rainbow??

I'll try to make weekly updates with pics on this post.  In the meantime, anyone want to guess species???





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Update from 8/1/20.  They are getting bigger, but still very hard to get pics of.  Most of them are about 1/4 in now.  Though we I've seen some smaller ones still in there.  I'm using a Canon EOS to take the pics with manual focus.  So some of the guys are blurry.  Also, I added a new light and did a water change, which removed tannins, so that is the difference in color background.





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