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Help with injured snail


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So my ivory mystery snail Persephone decided to go exploring.  Unfortunately, she was somewhat less buoyant in air than water, to her dismay and mine.  

She has a pencil-eraser sized dent in her shell on the second swirl in from the opening, no oozing, appears not to have compromised the integrity of the shell.  Lung looks intact.  

She also broke off a significant chunk of the left side of the opening of her shell.  I have trimmed the sharp bits off of that and suctioned off the remnants of mucous lining.  The break stopped short of her anal/genital area.  No oozing, no visible flesh wounds.  

Did a quick clean-up and sand top-off of the tank substrate, ~10% water change in the process, added stress guard and a prophylactic dose of metronidazole.  Her tankmates are a bunch of bladder and ramshorn snails, two African dwarf frogs, and her blue mystery snail paramour, Magnus.  

I haven’t separated them, but may need to, they are rather amorous usually, and her chipped area is on the side they mate from.  

I plan on giving her a ton of zucchini and upping the kH in the tank.  

Water parameters were normal for this tank as tested by dipstick, before I did all that - skipping over that as the problem here was physics, not chemistry.  Temp is about 69F.  

I think I’ve covered it, but any further suggestions?  

The patient: 391F00D1-94CF-4203-BA28-4B47501B64AB.jpeg.334c3309b57dd2a7a1529cfa90d7c064.jpeg

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Snail ambition and curiosity definitely is greater than their dexterity.
The damage does not look bad. Looking at the shell she needs more calcium in her diet. 
Antibiotics are not needed and may cause more stress than any real help. Their shell is just like your finger nail. 

Kats aquatics and crayfish empire both sell a wide variety of calcium fortified foods for snails. 

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