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Zebra Danios gill flukes.


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Nitrates: 40ppm

Nitrites: 0ppm

GH: 300ppm

KH: 0ppm

PH: 6.3

This is a 55 gallon setup with around 100 zebra Danios. It's been setup for over a year. The other day while doing a water change I noticed 3 Danios with bloody red gills and labored breathing. I watched closely for 24 hours and lost one. At that point I started a round of salt medication. 3tbs per gal. The following day I lost another. 

Any recommendations or experience with gill flukes? 

I have read up a little bit on the flukes and not quite sure how my zebras came down with it. I have seen that praziquantel is a popular treatment for such an issue. Being that I don't have any on hand, I was thinking of using another antiparasitic med such as levamisol. I just happen to have a ton of it on hand. 

Would you keep up with the salt treatment or switch to anti parasite meds, and has anyone had experience getting rid of flukes with levamisol?

I would love as many opinions as possible so I can weigh my options.




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Day 2. I've tried so hard to get a good photo and have failed. Danios don't like to stay still, who knew? 

But I've lost one this morning. Pull it out, and promptly did a 25% water change. I did not add any more salt. I am currently at work until tomorrow afternoon now. I think my plan is to do another 25% tomorrow followed by a heavier salt treatment. 

I'm still curious if anyone has used levamisol for gill flukes? Again, this is all I have available at the moment. Or the salt.




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Thank you @Alesha I've put a lot of work into this tank over the past few years. I also raised every Danio in it so yeah it's sad to see my babies struggling. Thank you for your concern. I'm not freaking out yet. There are only maybe 4 or 5 more with red gills and gasping for air. So I'm hoping that I am able to correct this before something drastic happens. Thank you again.

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I have seen those symptoms, though less obvious pink on the gills, more just gasping, followed by death. I used Paraclense, which is Praziquantel and metronidazole. I think flukes can be silent a while and then multiply during stress--but really I am guessing about that. I don't have personal experience with Levamisole, but I found this site suggesting dosing and it seems like levamisole would be faster than salt. 



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Thank you so much @Brandy this is the sort of reference I was looking for! It made sense to me but I wanted another opinion. I'll start a levamisol treatment tomorrow after work. I agree that the flukes are almost a silent killer. I only have maybe 3 fish with red gills, and about 6 of them that seem to be  actually gasping. If I didn't watch them as close as I do I wouldn't have even noticed. Besides the 2 dead. 🤪

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 Incase anyone is curious. Last night I was destroyed from work and not thinking about fish keeping at that moment. When I woke up I said to myself oh I have a whole bag of crushed coral actually and of course that will raise the ph.😅 So this afternoon I added 2.5lbs in a mason jar to the tank. I'm still gonna dose the levamisol here in a few minutes, just in case. Thank you people for the advice and concern. 

And @Cory I wasn't going to tag you in this. For some reason when I went to respond to this thread you were already tagged and it seemed to save as a draft. I tried to delete your name several times and in different ways. So I'm utilizing the fact that it won't go away, to let you know that it won't go away.🤪


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