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Is it possible to overdose on fertilizer?

Hally M.

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I have a freshly aquscaped tank with a bunch of new plants that I just established. I’ve been dosing a lot more Easy Green and Easy Iron than recomended and I’m noticing my fish are acting a lot more skittish and not eating their food. Would the fertilizer have anything to do with it or should I move on down to the disease column?? 

it’s a 20 gallon and I’ve been dosing maybe double the recommended dosing. 

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 When I read this question, my first thought was, well of course it's possible....However,  I imagine it would take  so much to do so. Spikeing your nitrates maybe.   Like Galabar asked, I would also be curious what the Nitrate levels are? 

  I have been adding 3x the recommended doseing in a 10 gal shrimp tank in an attempt to increase algae and plant growth.  The Vallisneria has exploded in growth as well as the Tiger lillys. And I'm still only at 30ppm. I have a Hillstream loach, Ramshorn snails and 30+ Cherry shrimp that are as happy as can be! :classic_biggrin:


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