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Best cichlids for 35 gal?

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1 hour ago, Patrick M. Bodega Aquatics said:

Hello everyone,

I am hoping to someday re-setup a 35 gal aquarium. What cichlids do you think would be happy in a 35 gallon?


I don't think you can put african cichlids in a 35 gallon (maybe mbunas). But if your looking for south american cichlids you could do


-Blood Parrot

-electric blue acara 

-maybe some mbuna african cichlids

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What kind of cichlids do you like? And what are the measurements of the tank? If you like aggressive Africans or peaceful dwarfs it will help narrow down the search. If I wanted aggressive Africans I probably do brichardi you could have a good little colony of them in there. You could also have julidochromis in that tank. If your looking for South American you could have any apistogramma. There are also a few blue acara in that tank. You could also do convicts or Honduran red points. If you have it planted there is always the kribs that can be added 

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The tank dimensions are 30L, 12D, 18H. I don't really have a preference but I do want something with color and more than one. My uncle keeps umbees but I don't really know much about the cichlids other than smaller easier ones like angels, rams, appistogrammas, discus etc. My plan was to try something new so I'd have to exclude the fish I mentioned I've already kept.

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Sounds like a set up for a lake Tanganyika tank could work. Multifasciatus or similis shelldwellers on a sand substrate with a bunch of escargot shells,  build up some rock work and pick a julidichromis species like j. Transciptus or j. Ornatus. And then if you want a single 'centerpiece' you could do a single altolamprologus calvus. They're slow to grow but handsome adults.

Usually you star with 4-6 shellies and they colony breed in the shells. You usually get 6 young juliis, let a pair form and return the rest to your LFS, and the pair will breed and rear their young in the rockwork. It results in a tank with a lot of fascinating behavoirs going on.

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