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Resealing Aquarium in Lower Ambient Temperatures

Corey Sharp

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Hey Everyone! What are your thoughts on resealing an aquarium in cooler temperatures? I just picked up a used 180 gallon. The seams where the glass meet look to be in great shape. However the silicone inside is starting to peel on the edges pretty much everywhere. It was stored in the midwest in a non climate controlled storage locker. It stayed dry but probably experienced 20f-100f temps. 

To be safe, I'm going to reseal and do a leak test before setting it up. It's going to be set up in my basement but is currently in my attached garage. Ideally I do my leak test in my garage because I have easy access to a hose hookup, plus Id hate to have 4 friends come over, rent the suction cups to move it, and get it in my basement to find out it leaks. 

My concern with resealing it in the garage is the ambient temps this time of year. I ordered Momentive RTV103 and its supposed to come tomorrow. The 15 day forcast bounces between 44f and 60f and overnight lows between 25f and 40f. The next 7 days look to be the warmer of the 2 weeks. Mostly lows in the 30s and highs in the 50s. It will be in my garage so it should be a bit more temperate than the outside temp. I can also set up a space heater to keep the temps up overnight. 

On one hand, I think I may have more working time with the silicone due to the temps, but on the other, I'm concerned about curing. I'm in absolutely no hurry to move this aquarium in and time is on my side, so I can let it cure for weeks if needed. I'd just like to do the leak test in the garage if at all possible. 

What are your thoughts? Go for it in the garage? Or bring it into my basement first despite not knowing if it leaks? My basement is technically unfinished, although we do have a livingroom area set up this will go in. I mainly don't want to go through the hassle of moving a 300+ pounds glass box that leaks. 

Thanks for any thoughts! Loving the forum already! 


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@Corey Sharp personally, I always try to control the controllable, so I’d do the following if I were in your shoes. 
I’d skip the leak test completely and jump right into the reseal. I’d move it into the basement and reseal down there. Since it’s unfinished, I’m assuming it’ll be out of your way. Depending on temps down there, I’d let it sit for 30 days. This gives you time to research, acquire hard scape, blah blah. As far as suction cups, I know they definitely make the job easier, but if you can get 4 dudes to lift then you won’t need the suction cups. I resealed and lifted my 180 with my wife and 14 year old about a year ago. It wasn’t pleasant but you guys should be able to manange it if you wanted to save a few bucks. Good luck. 

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