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Apistos in Soft Water with High pH


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I know that apistos like soft water and low pH, but my aquarium has soft water and high pH.

Right now, my tank measurements are like this:

(according to Aquarium Co-op test strips)

10 Nitrate

0 Nitrite

25 GH

120 KH

8~8.2 pH

Could this work for a pair of apistos?

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My tap is similar only much much harder with higher kh. I really wanted Apisto. So I dilute my tap with gallon jugs of distilled water I buy at the grocery down to 7.6. 

I do not know if this works for all Apisto. I would definitely stick with ones that tolerate at least 7.5. 

So far happy healthy trios of trifasciatus and borellii opal, my caucatoides trio are trying to hit the invasive species list they pump out so many fry. 

Most Apisto are not pair forming from what I learned so far. They are harem breeders but tanks need set so girls each have territory where they do t see each other but dad can get between territory. 

This works for me by putting a wood structure and tons of moss to build a half wall from the floor up. 

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apistogramma is a genus with many species; some prefer water with kh and gh near 0; others require water with kh and gh near 0; others prefer water with kh 2 or 3 degree and gh from 1 to 5 degree; some .... 

so.... the answer is that it depends on the species not the genus. Having said that borelli are fairly flexible both with water quality and temp though like most fishes in the genus apistogramma you are far better off with hobby bred or wild caught as oppose to cz or asian farmed.


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