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I had my first aquarium intervention.


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They continued to get cloudy water and dead fish after water changes.  It turns out they were thoroughly cleaning their biological media.  We had a long talk about the nitrogen cycle, I helped them with various plants, and, because they have the same water source as me, walked them through exactly how I treat my water and do water changes.

Hopefully, they will end up with a thriving tank. 🙂

Oh, and I showed them Cory's Python siphon trick... 🙂

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Good for you. Having someone with the same water and some experience show you what to do is a gift. I hope they will accept the knowledge and use it, and pass it on in turn. I am happy every time I see my adult child's plant and algae-filled tank--her fish enjoy direct sunlight and she values the natural vibes over having an Instagrammable tank ❤️


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