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Adding missing or lacking nutrients

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I've been studying a chart that shows plant deficiencies and what nutrients the plant is lacking and according to this chart I need magnesium.  I've seen online that one can use empson salt. Has anyone used this and how much per gallon. Also I've got an api calcium test kit but it's hard to follow cause the colors are very faint. Nothing like what I've seen on YouTube.  I. pretty sure I'm also missing that and I've read you can add crushed egg shells. Anyone tried this and does it work? I've got well water but we run a water softener. I know our water is still heavy on iron from the constant cleaning of our sinks and tubes. I'm assuming that's what it is.

I tested my GH,KH and Calcium and heres the results.  GH was 3 drops 50ppm, KH 22 drops which was through the roof at 400ppm and Calcium was like 2 drops at 60ppm.   My Nitrates have significantly dropped since adding the pothos going from 80 to 100ppm to 60ppm which is huge win in my book

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I use Epsom salt on my roses and other plants in the garden, works great there. It can be used in the aquarium as well. Maybe start with one tablespoon per 3 gallons, see if that gives the improvement needed. 

Crushed coral would be a better option than crushed egg shells. One pound per 10 gallons. 



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