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Shrimp friendly bottom feeder options


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Hi All,

I am currently seasoning a planted 20 Gallon long tank for a future shrimp colony.  The tank has been running since July and the water parameters are good and I do regular water changes.  In September I introduced chili rasboras, otocinclus and pygmy 6 pygmy cory's.  I am having terrible luck with the pygmy cory's. Several of the first six died in the first two weeks.  I purchased some more with similar results, I now have 4 remaining. I have made sure to supply them with bottom feeding wafers, pellets and rapashy which I watched them all eat from.

I have 3 other community tanks with larger varieties of cory's. I also lost a few of those cory's early on.  If they survive for the first month they seem to be long lived. I have had no issues with all of my other community fish.

So I am looking for alternative shrimp friendly bottom feeders (not cory's) and am still trying to figure out why I am loosing cory's. Any advice is appreciated.


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Honestly, no fish, regardless of what level they swim at, is 100% shrimp safe. Chili rasbora probably are the most safe of any fish so good choice there but basically anything else, including the otos, will at least eat shrimplets if not adults as well. What I would do is establish the shrimp colony first before adding more fish. Once you get the shrimp colony thriving, then any losses you take from fish eating shrimp will not matter because you will be producing enough to make up for it. Then, you can choose at that time. 

I love cories. I'm not sure what went wrong with your pygmy. There are other species of cories that can work in a 20L. I had planned on doing paleatus cories in my 20L before i had to cancel my plans. There are also other dwarf cories like habrosus and a unique one I once saw on Dan's fish C123 Yellow Cory 'Rio Nanay'.  A non-cory option could be anchor catfish. They stay small and you could get a nice group of them. 


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